Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases in Hudson Valley

Personal injury law is one of our areas of specialty at Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. If you have been hurt on the job, or on someone's property, we can help you pursue compensation. We have worked with many clients in this type of situation. Please call our office in Beacon to get started today.
Anthony DeFazio Law P.C.


Accidents are a common category of personal injury lawsuits. We work with clients who have been involved in auto or motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents, and even construction accidents. We also work with those involved in texting and driving accident cases, and truck accidents.

Other situations

Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. also handles various other personal injury cases, from dog bites to wrongful death suits. If you are looking for representation in this arena, please call our office to make an appointment. We'll sit down with you and talk about next steps.


Nursing home negligence is another specialty area we handle at Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. If you or your loved one has had a situation that is unacceptable at one of these facilities, we can help you pursue it through the court system. Please contact us so we can get the details of your unique situation.
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